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DEPICT (Disease-specific E-Patient Illustrated Clinical Timeline) HEALTH was designed to improve communication for cancer patients.


The current DEPICT HEALTH instance is for the rare pediatric eye cancer retinoblastoma.


With consent, a DEPICT HEALTH account is crated for a retinoblastoma patient. Retinoblastoma healthcare providers, irrespective of geography, enter data at each clinical encounter. This includes data about treatment and outcomes. Patients (or their guardians) have real-time view-only access to their DEPICT HEALTH account and can share this access with others.


In this way, DEPICT HEALTH allows healthcare providers and patients to have the full view of a patient's treatment and follow-up, for life! This is vastly different than institution specific patient portals. DEPICT HEALTH is necessary to improve communication for all cancer patients especially patients cared for by large multi-jurisdictional teams and patients with heritable cancer.

DEPICT HEALTH was designed by internationally recognized clinician Dr. Brenda Gallie, award-winning Health Informatics Research team at the University Health Network (Toronto, Ontario). The International Retinoblastoma Consortium holds the exclusive license for DEPICT HEALTH and selected Toronto-based medical and healthcare product development studio Evenset to develop the DEPICT HEALTH consent and authentication manager.

We need funding to pilot DEPICT HEALTH in Canada. With strong pilot data, we will build a case for DEPICT HEALTH implementation globally.

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